Diverse, Dynamic Industries Make Up Jefferson City's Economy

With its central location in the state and the nation, Jefferson City is well placed to do busines

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The Jefferson State Office Building
Kevin Young

With its central location in the state and the nation, Jefferson City is well placed to do business.

Since the city is Missouri’s capital, government is a key industry. Other sectors with a strong presence in town include health care, education and manufacturing. Jefferson City’s cost of living and cost of doing business are both below the national average.

Those economic pluses along with the quality of life – good schools, ample recreational opportunities, theater, art and a revitalized downtown area – make it a prime place to live and work.

The top employer is the state government, followed by Scholastic Inc., Capital Region Medical Center, St. Mary’s Health Center and Jefferson City Public Schools with more than 1,000 employees each. ABB Power T & D Co., the former Von Hoffmann Press, now owned by RR Donnelley, and Unilever Home & Personal Care USA have between 500 and 999 employees each in the area. The educational publishing industry is well represented by Scholastic Inc., the world’s largest publisher of children’s books, and Von Hoffmann, one of the leading U.S. schoolbook publishers.

Scholastic has its national service operations in Jefferson City. Switzerland-based ABB Power is a world leader in power and automation technologies that help utilities and industries step up their performance, while leaving less of an environmental footprint. Unilever’s local plant produces skin and oral care products, including Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, Aim toothpaste and Mentadent. With outdoor living spaces becoming more popular, Arctic Products Inc., based in Jefferson City, helps fill the demand with its outdoor grills, fireplaces and chimeneas.

Another cutting-edge company is Wren Solutions, headquartered in Jefferson City and celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008. A quarter-century ago, Wren manufactured housings for security systems. Today, the company has a variety of systems and products to help its clients make the best use of video.



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