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Altec Is the Perfect Place To Start or Advance a Career

The St. Joseph, Missouri, facility houses the company's largest manufacturing division.

By Lindsey Hyde on November 1, 2022

Altec in St. Louis, MO
Courtesy of Altec

As a company that marries decades worth of experience with a futuristic approach, it’s easy to understand how Altec remains a prominent employer in St. Joseph, Missouri, and a top choice for young professionals looking to launch or grow their careers.

Curious to learn more? Let’s take a deeper dive into this successful company’s history and the great opportunities it affords. 

The right machine for the job

Altec has made a name for itself over the years, becoming a leading provider of products and services for those in the electric utility, telecommunications, lights and signs, tree care, and contractor markets. While its numerous facilities across North America have contributed to its success, it was in its St. Joseph factory in the 1970s that the company’s first electric utility products were engineered and manufactured. These include products like the original Altec Digger Derrick, a piece of equipment used to dig holes, set poles and work with a variety of materials.

Half a century later, the St. Joseph facility has largely added to its list of impressive characteristics. Today, it is known for being Altec’s most diverse and extensive equipment production facility, not to mention the company’s largest manufacturing division. The facility produces a range of equipment, from aerials and digger derricks to backyard products. Plus, to ensure safety and reliability, every product from each arena Altec serves is designed and tested by its St. Joseph-based design assurance group.

Altec in St. Louis, MO
Courtesy of Altec
Altec in St. Louis, MO


Though Altec has been in the industry for decades, company leaders are always looking for new ways in which the business can improve and grow.

In recent years, Altec has worked to expand its St. Joseph facility, investing a significant amount of capital in personal property and real property improvements, as well as manufacturing and nonmanufacturing machinery and equipment.

“(Altec) has remained successful by continuing to change with the times and with technology,” says Kristi Bailey, Director of Communications and Marketing for the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. “The most recent expansion is a great example of that.”

The expansion created numerous new jobs in all areas of the manufacturing process, especially in the state-of-the-art paint facility. This expansion is credited with increasing efficiency and improving quality through automation and advanced manufacturing processes.

Welder at Altec in St. Joseph, MO
Courtesy of Altec
Welder at Altec in St. Joseph, MO

Job Appeal

Many job applicants find Altec to be an attractive potential employer, thanks to its impressive history and drive for advancement. But these are just two of the company’s long list of positive attributes. 

The company offers career opportunities in a variety of fields, from engineering and manufacturing to human resources and technical writing. Plus, it is known for providing competitive salaries and great benefits — think flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement and volunteer opportunities on top of multiple vacation days, a retirement program and medical, dental and life insurance.

“… It provides high wages to people with a variety of educational backgrounds, from those straight out of high school to those with advanced degrees,” Bailey says. “(Altec) has been a member of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce since 1973, with employees working as volunteers within the organization to better the business environment. Employees also are regular volunteers in many service clubs and charitable causes around town.”

A+ Atmosphere

Once hired, employees soon come to realize that Altec also provides a friendly, positive work environment.

“The culture within Altec feels like a small family business while having the support and strength of a very successful, growing company,” says Carolynn Sollars, HR program manager and talent acquisition for Altec’s St. Joseph facility. “This identity and growth wouldn’t be possible without the core values that Altec operates upon. My personal favorite is ‘people are our greatest strength.’ That foundation is why I believe Altec is a great place to work.”

Speaking of its core values, the company is also committed to things like family, quality, financial stability, integrity, enjoyment of work and teamwork — standards that shine through every workday.  

Career Growth

In addition to creating a welcoming and comfortable work environment, Altec also ensures employees have the opportunities and resources they need to further their careers.

“Altec supports continuous professional development and will guide (employees) along a path to new opportunities,” Sollars says. “The possibilities are truly in the hands of the (employee) to create the change that they want to see.”

A great example of this can be seen in the company’s recent partnership with St. Joseph’s Hillyard Technical Center to create an in-house welding training center. Once up and running, it will allow employees to expand and polish their skills. 

“Altec is excited to partner with Hillyard Technical Center on an expansion and to bring in a new diesel technology program,” Sollars said. “This addition will be great for the overall St. Joseph community and be a great opportunity for students interested in the field.

This article was sponsored by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

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