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Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center in Meridian, MS
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East Mississippi is known as the Strategic Center of the South, attracting expanding industries and a skilled workforce. Here is a list of Meridian’s largest employers.

Naval Air Station Meridian, 3,358 employees

Peavey Electronics Corporation, 1,500

East Mississippi Hospital, 1,150

Rush Foundation Hospital, 1,123

Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center, 1,065

Meridian Public Schools, 987

Lauderdale County Public Schools, 900

Avery Dennison, 800

City of Meridian, 510

Meridian Community College, 471

Mississippi Air National Guard, 389

Wal-Mart Stores, 370

Lauderdale County, 343

Riley Memorial Hospital, 328

Sack & Save Food Stores, 317

Structural Steel, 300

Mississippi Army National Guard, 291

Super Stop Stores, 250

Atlas Roofing, 225

Sara Lee, 175

Coca-Cola, 150

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