Oxford, MS Business Overview

Oxford has a strong business climate with a thriving workforce and a top-notch transportation system.

Jessica Walker Boehm
On Friday, January 18, 2013 - 18:22

Due to to its great location and variety of successful businesses, Oxford is an excellent place for both existing companies and new entrepreneurs to get to work.

Business Climate

Oxford's business climate is thriving with a well-educated workforce and strong support from the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation.

A recent development in the area is Insight Park, which is located near the University of Mississippi's campus. The park was created to enable businesses in the technology and research sectors to collaborate with UM students and faculty members.

The area also encourages entrepreneurial growth through the Oxford-Lafayette County Entrepreneurial Alliance. The group hosts networking events that feature speakers and business owners, and helps create mentoring programs.


Thanks to its central location, the county in which Oxford is located – Lafayette County – is within 400 miles of trade zones in 11 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

The area comprises several highways such as State Routes 7, 9, 315 and 331, which run north to south, and State Routes 6, 30, 314, 328 and 334, which run east to west. State Route 6 connects with Interstate 55, while State Route 7 and 30 connect with U.S. Highway 78, also known as the “Future 1-22 Corridor.”

The area's closest international airport is 68 miles away in Memphis, Tenn., but the University-Oxford Airport is within the city limits and typically accommodates business flights, private pilots and charter planes.

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