Fitness and Wellness in Tupelo, MS

Tupelo, MS has several fitness businesses contributing to the area's health industry.

Chris Russell
On Monday, August 5, 2013 - 12:00
Tupelo, MS Fitness

An active lifestyle is a healthy one, but in Tupelo, wellness isn't just about running around the block. Several area businesses make fitness fun and relaxing.

The Dance Studio

The Dance Studio brings sizzle to the Magnolia State with instructors specializing in American Smooth and American Rhythm ballroom dancing. The studio hosts weekly themed dance parties and instructors give private and group lessons.

Learning to dance isn't just good for the social scene, but the body and mind as well.

"What makes it a little different is that it is also a mental workout. Studies have shown that dancing is the one physical activity that can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer's," says Tammy Wilson, general manager of The Dance Studio.

The exposure dancing has received from TV shows like Dancing with the Stars has "helped grow the overall awareness of ballroom dancing" and the studio gets "calls from people every day that say that have wanted to try dancing because they saw it on television or in a movie," Wilson says.

Dharma Wellness

Dharma Wellness knows that few people would turn down a good massage, and they are happy to oblige. They also offer customized yoga therapy, prenatal bodywork and private consultation to prepare for childbirth.

While most people say diet and exercise are all you need for a healthy lifestyle, Dharma owner April Michael says that's not all for maximizing good health.

"When you can calm your mind, connect with your breath and be in a state of relaxation, your body can do its most natural healing," Michael says. "Relaxation is my focus. When someone comes through my door, I think of how I can help them be more united with their body and breath. Clients leave Dharma Wellness feeling renewed."

Happy Trails

Good gear can make a huge difference when it comes to working out, and Tupelo's Trails and Treads outdoor store has just about everything a person needs for running, biking, hiking, snow skiing and more. Many agree that having workout buddies also acts as a motivator, and Tupelo Running Club and Tupelo Bicycle Club regularly hold group runs and rides to suit that need.

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