Tupelo, MS Public Schools

Tupelo residents enjoy the top-notch schooling through the Tupelo Public School District.

On Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 12:00
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Tupelo residents enjoy a top-notch school district, as well as institutions of higher education that help create a community of lifelong learners.

Tupelo Public School District

In 2012, the Tupelo Public School District welcomed a new superintendent, Dr. Gearl Loden. Previously serving as the superintendent of the Amory School District in Monroe County, Loden was selected for the position by the Tupelo Public School District board of trustees. Loden says he plans to focus on maintaining and improving academics while fostering relationships within and between the schools and community.

The district has earned a tangible list of accolades, attesting to its education excellence. Seven of the Tupelo Public School District's schools have earned National Blue Ribbon School awards, and the district's ACT scores are above national average. Students are taught by the best, with approximately 100 National Board-Certified Teachers on staff.

Administrators kick-started an initiative to reallocate money previously allocated to paper-based expenses toward the purchase of Apple MacBook laptop computers for students. After training, each student is allowed to use the computer both on and off campus. The initiative, which debuted during the 2010-11 school year, guarantees that every student in the district from grades six through 12 has a laptop of his or her own.

The district also invests in the futures of its students with the Lee County/Marchbanks Helping Hand Tuition Guarantee Program, which ensures that high school graduates from Baldwyn, Mooreville, Nettleton, Shannon, Saltillo and Tupelo will receive two full years of tuition-free assistance to Itawamba Community College.

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