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Neighborhoods in Tupelo, MS are family-friendly with great locations.

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Neighborhoods in Tupelo, MS
Brian McCord

If Elvis Presley’s song is true, and home is where the heart is, then Elizabeth and Ryan Russell’s hearts lie among the soaring oak trees that give Oak Meadows subdivision its name. Location, lots of kids and great neighbors are just a few of the reasons that the Russells chose to live and raise their two boys in this family-friendly neighborhood.

“Oak Meadows is a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes and always have friends to play with,” Elizabeth Russell says. “The kids look out for each other. When my boys are outside playing, I may look up and there are 10 more kids kicking the soccer ball with them or swinging the baseball bat. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

The Russells have watched their boys learn to ride bicycles in the summer, enjoy hayrides in autumn, make snowmen during winter and participate in Easter egg hunts in the spring, all in the neighborhood that they have called home since 2008. An avid runner, Elizabeth finds solace in making laps on shady, tree-lined streets.

Urban Dwellers

For the urban dweller, downtown Tupelo offers an array of living opportunities. Main Street is lined with businesses ranging from restaurants and art galleries to retail shops. Loft apartments are located above many of these businesses, offering easy access to the heart of the business community. Downtown Tupelo’s Fairpark District is one of Tupelo’s newest residential developments and includes luxury apartments, brownstones and large family homes.

Luxury Living

Tupelo residents with a taste for the finer things can call Mount Vernon Plantation home. This sprawling, wooded development is the embodiment of Southern charm. Stately manors on manicured lots welcome residents to this beautiful neighborhood, located just off Mount Vernon Road in North Tupelo.

Baby, Let’s Play House

Tupelo residents who want to “play house” where Elvis Presley grew up can call Presley Heights home. Tupelo’s largest municipal park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, is part of this area. Its 206 acres includes walking trails, baseball/softball fields, a splash pad and the Veteran’s memorial.

Park Proximity

One of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Tupelo, Joyner is an ideal destination for young families. With easy access to Rob Leake City Park, Joyner residents can stroll to the city pool and enjoy such amenities as lighted tennis courts and baseball fields. One of the only areas in Tupelo that still has a true neighborhood school, Joyner Elementary School sits next to Rob Leake City Park, offering students a great recess and recreation area.

With many neighborhood options from which to choose, Tupelo area as a whole encourages neighbors to get to know one another, has great schools and easy access to shopping. Most of all, it is the overwhelming sense of "home" that fills the hearts of residents here ... just like Tupelo’s native son sang.

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