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Tupelo, MS offers an array of housing options, urban and suburban, old and new, that appeal to all ages.

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Spring Lake Neighborhood in Tupelo, MS
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Tupelo offers an array of housing options, urban and suburban, old and new neighborhoods, that appeal to all ages, ensuring that every resident can say "there’s no place like home."

When Emily Oxford had the chance to purchase her childhood home in the historic Highland Circle neighborhood, she didn’t think twice about it. The mother of two, her experience growing up in Highland Circle was ideal in every way.

“Highland Circle is the only place we wanted to live,” says Oxford. “We dreamed of raising our children in this house years before it happened, and I can’t wait for them to experience the wonderful childhood that I was able to enjoy. Highland Circle is where my heart is. It’s home.”

Oxford spends her days playing with her children in Highland Circle’s neighborhood park and strolling along the circle’s tree-lined sidewalks. While this picturesque place satisfies her desire for home, residents of Tupelo can also enjoy the fast-paced, urban lifestyle of downtown living or even the secluded, quiet routine of adults-only developments.

North Tupelo

Just as Highland Circle was the first planned subdivision in Tupelo, so the Joyner neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the community. Tree-lined streets envelop homesteads of both young and old, making the Joyner area a destination of choice for young families with children and older adults nearing retirement. In proximity to Rob Leake City Park, Joyner residents can walk to the city pool, tennis courts and baseball fields.

Downtown Tupelo

New housing units are plentiful in the Tupelo/Lee County area, but urban redevelopment is a hot theme in downtown housing. Tupelo’s Fairpark District offers accommodations from luxury apartments and brownstones to loft apartments and large family homes. Residents enjoy all the amenities downtown living has to offer, including shops, restaurants and parks, all in walking distance. 

Mill Village, located adjacent to downtown Tupelo, was built in the 1900s to house cotton mill workers. A National Register of Historic Places neighborhood, Mill Village is enjoying a revitalization that includes homes, businesses and green spaces.

East Tupelo

Tupelo residents can walk the paths that Elvis Presley walked in Presley Heights. This east Tupelo neighborhood is in walking distance of Veterans Park, the city’s largest municipal park, with ball fields, a splash park and veterans memorial area. Presley Heights hosts an annual Azalea Festival that features a driving tour of the area’s gorgeous azaleas at their blooming peak. The Elvis Presley Birthplace, located in Presley Heights, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

West Tupelo

For residents with a taste for luxury, Spring Lake is a 1,000-acre development with sprawling Southern manors and grand family homes. The neighborhood boasts a recreation center with clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and playground, as well as myriad walking trails.

Continuing west, 2004’s Subdivision Development of the Year, The Villages is an 89-acre gated community that caters to those interested in private, adult living. It offers residents a community center complete with fitness room, office center, kitchen, conference room and swimming pool. Community members may also take advantage of the lakes, walking trails and greenbelt areas the development comprises.

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