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NPR correspondent finds strong sense of community and amazing landscape in Asheville

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Aah, sweet bliss.

National Public Radio correspondent Eric Weiner has traveled the globe, visiting some of the world’s most contented places to compile his book, The Geography of Bliss. It was published in 2007, and the only U.S. city that he highlighted was Asheville, N.C.

“You’ve got mountains, beautiful mountains all around,” Weiner says about Asheville in his novel. “You have a tremendous, thriving, artistic community. You have cafés everywhere – every other shop is a coffee shop or a bookstore.

“You have a really strong sense of community here. And if I’ve learned anything from researching this book, it’s that other people matter. There’s no such thing as personal happiness – your happiness is part and parcel of those around you,” he writes.

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