Real Estate in Chapel Hill, NC

Everything you need to know when buying a home in the Chapel Hill area.

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Chapel Hill, NC

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Chapel Hill is a diverse community. After all, there are students, families, singles, senior citizens. All of the above combined with plenty of affordable houses and apartments make the real estate market in Chapel Hill an attractive one.

Made for Walking 

People often leave their car at home and walk to work in the Southern Village development. Nearby are a hairdresser, dentist, dry cleaner, grocery store, several restaurants and a gift shop. Even a church.

Based on the village concept, Southern Village and Meadowmont are neighborhoods built around various businesses and schools. The idea is to help residents become less car-dependent. Additionally, all three settlements have narrower streets and slower traffic to encourage people to leave the car keys at home.

The neighborhoods were built in an attempt to recreate Chapel Hill’s beautiful historic district by recasting some of the older concepts in fresh ways. Southern Village is a culmination of apartments, condominiums, townhouses and houses. Meadowmont also offers townhouses and condos as well as cottage-style houses.

People attract to these developments because of the secure and safe atmosphere, the smaller, more architecturally beautiful houses and not to mention the lower gas budget.

Aged to Perfection

Chapel Hill's three historic residential districts — Franklin-Rosemary, Cameron-McCauley and Gimghoul — have long held starring roles in the town's identity. The stately houses and tree-shaded streets greatly add to a vintage atmosphere. To its residents, the houses seem to echo a time in history when the important things in life were more simplistic.

To add to the property value, these districts sit in close proximity to the lively Franklin Street. Though they are aged houses residing in a modern world, they still have a sense of connection to the Chapel Hill community.

If you want to experience the best of Chapel Hill then spend your days on Franklin Street, but hang your hat in the historic districts.

If you’re tired of curving roads and cul-de-sacs and you long for the days when a neighborhood had a communal feel, then the historic districts of Chapel Hill are worth your consideration.

A few more examples of neighborhoods include Greenwood and Westwood. Both are placed closely to the University of North Carolina campus and are considered more traditional homes. Like the historic districts, the neighborhoods want to preserve the district’s traditional atmosphere. Prices in Greenwood begin at $400,000 and prices in Westwood begin at $300,000.

Whether their communities are new or old, most home seekers know it's what is beneath the surface that ultimately counts. After all, quality houses aren’t what make a good neighborhood. Quality neighbors are. And Chapel Hill is full of them.

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