8 Reasons to Move to Concord, NC

The name of this gorgeous Southern town means “harmony," and you can live a harmonious existence here for sure.

Tara Leigh Parks
On Friday, August 4, 2017 - 08:34

You should live in Concord, North Carolina, or spend your life wishing you did. Really, the city is that much of an experience. The name of this gorgeous Southern town means “harmony," and you can live a harmonious existence here for sure. Let us show you how!

Get Wild with Wine


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Book a tasting at the Cougar Run Winery. The spirit of this winery is best summed up as, “Dare like a Doberman, run like a cougar!” Tell the owners you’re new to town, and they’ll share the story. The surrounding greens await your viewing and the wines await your sips.

Design Your Surroundings


Photo: Courtesy of kboom831 under a CC 2.0 license

ClearWater Artist Studios is a well-known 38,000-square-foot site, located in a renovated complex that began as a water-works buildings in the 1920s. Design your own pottery, look at what others have created on canvas, and enjoy the creative vibe of your new city.

Check In to Dine Out


Photo: Courtesy of James Willamor under a CC 2.0 license

If you love food trucks – and really, who doesn't? Check out Food Trucks In to find out where Concord food trucks are parking for the day so you can grab a bite to eat when working. The service also provides info about events around town.

Come Full Circle


Photo: Courtesy of Parker Anderson under a CC 2.0 license

Things speed up at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a popular spot close to Concord. Settle down to watch the drivers take a spin. If you prefer, get behind the wheel of a car yourself or watch monster trucks trudge through the mud. Whatever you decide, you’ll spend the day smiling with other locals.

Explore the Greenery


Photo: Courtesy of Matt Fletcher under a CC 2.0 license

After all that racetrack excitement, take a break at Frank Liske Park. This park features walking trails and 238 acres that you can enjoy even if you’re not hiking. There’s paddle boarding, a soccer complex and nooks for relishing the sun. It’s made for exploring.

Attend an Event or Five Hundred

The Cabarrus Arena is a massive facility that hosts converts, family shows, sporting events, exhibitions and private events, such as wedding receptions. This arena serves as the backbone of entertainment and business in Concord. It generates a good deal of buzz and keeps the economy booming.

Vibe with Mother Nature

On April 20th, Concord hosts the annual Viva Verde Earth Fest. This event features live music, shopping and government outreach booths. Held at North Cabarrus Park, you can even spend the day geocaching – celebrate the earth and treasure hunt while doing it with families from across the region.

Enjoy the Scenery and the Scenes

The Art Deco design of the Cabarrus Theater will get your attention. The former movie theater is home to numerous businesses, while the the nearby Davis Theater offers rousing live shows. Check out the Cabarrus Arts Council for more info about arts events around Concord, including events like Family Day.