Dessert in Elizabeth City, NC

Bakeries, sweet shops, chocolate shops, cafes and sweet treats are plentiful in the area.

Joe Morris
On Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 16:11
Elizabeth City

Waist Watchers alert: This city contains some serious temptation.
Elizabeth City is rightfully known for its amazing restaurant scene, but rising above all that culinary excellence are serious desserts.

Cupcakery Serves Tiny Treats

Since 2010, the national cupcake craze has an Elizabeth City twist, thanks to Heather Fletcher and her mother, Sharon Hundley, who own and operate the Cupcakery. In addition to literally dozens of cupcakes to choose from, the bakery also specializes in cookies, doughnuts and other pastries.

“We carry about 12 varieties of cupcakes a day, as well as a flavor of the week," Fletcher says. "We’re getting a lot more foot traffic now, so I’ll probably be adding flavors – and employees – soon.”

Hundley has had a wedding cake business for more than 30 years, and continues to provide that service through the bakery.

Chocolate House Hits Jackpot in Southgate Mall

Bigger is better at the Chocolate House, which left its Water Street location to the Cupcakery when it pulled up stakes for a new, highly visible spot in Southgate Mall. Owner Kathy Dowdy, “The Chocolate Lady,” now has an area with tons of foot traffic, as well as a public-facing kitchen where she and staff can craft truffles, apples and more using high-end E. Guittard chocolate.

“This has been a great shot in the arm,” Dowdy says. “I kept my wonderful downtown customer base, and now have gotten a lot of new customers. After five years, we’re also finally beginning to really develop our online presence as well.”

Dowdy developed a love of baking from her mother, and studied under a master chocolatier before opening her own shop. Now she’s got people literally lined up around the corner for treats, and has to make sure she never runs out of favorites like the key lime truffle.

“When I do run out, they look like they’ve lost their best friend. In this location I can’t make them fast enough, which is a great problem to have,” she says.

Kathy’s Kreations, Wild Flower Cafe Turn Out Treats

A lifelong love of baking and cake decorating led Kathy Parks to start up Kathy’s Kreations in 1994. The Wildflower Cafe (inside Kenyon Bailey Garden Supply) followed in 1997. In addition to a varied and healthy menu, Parks and her staff turn out a growing variety of tasty desserts, which has made both locations mainstays for Elizabeth City’s foodies.

Muddy Waters Keep Things Handy

Grabbing a cup of coffee has always been easy at Muddy Waters Coffeehouse, and thanks to Esther Cheers there’s always something for your free hand to snag as well.

Having moved to Elizabeth City with her husband, who’s in the U.S. Coast Guard, Cheers uses her culinary training to whip up blueberry scones and other easily held pastries for the shop. She also produces a wildly popular gluten-free, crustless quiche.

“People really like things like biscotti and scones, things you don’t need a fork for, but we do try different things on occasion,” Cheers says. “But we never change the scones. I’d be in trouble if we didn’t have the scones.”

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Joe Morris is a Nashville-based writer and editor.