Fayetteville, NC Parks, Lake Offer Many Recreational Options

If you can’t find a park in Fayetteville‚ you’re probably not looking hard enough.

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Mazarick Park
Antony Boshier

If you can’t find a park in Fayetteville‚ you’re probably not looking hard enough‚ says Jackie Tuckey‚ communications director for the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department. “Parks are located virtually everywhere you look‚” Tuckey says‚ “and they all help to make Fayetteville the beautiful city that it is.”

The largest of the outdoor havens is Mazarick Park‚ which features picnic shelters‚ walking trails‚ tennis courts and a large playground. “ There are 80 acres of woods and open space at Mazarick that are perfect for adventurers or relaxation seekers‚” Tuckey says. “Mazarick is also equipped with a spacious pier for fishing in Glenville Lake.” Another city-owned natural sanctuary is Rowan Street Park. The park’s sloping hillside converts into amphitheater seating during summer concerts and live performances. “

There’s a band shell behind a little creek that runs through the middle of the park‚ and the tree-lined hillside faces the band shell‚” Tuckey says. “It is an ideal location for staging outdoor concerts.” Other parks have their attractions. At General Lee Park‚ dogwood trees line the grounds and make it a favored spot in Fayetteville. Seabrook Park has the only city-owned swimming pools for public use.

“We have so many charming parks here in Fayetteville that it is impossible to mention them all in one magazine article‚” Tuckey says. That statement also holds true for the 40 parks under the umbrella of the Cumberland County Parks and Recreation Department. “ More than 540 acres make up the Cumberland County park system‚ and we recently purchased 44 acres to build another park in the southern portion of the county‚” says Karen Brady‚ assistant director for recreation for the county parks. “We seem to be growing larger each year.”

Perhaps the two jewels of the county park system are Arnette Park and Lake Rim Park. Arnette Park is home to 100 acres of nature trails‚ trout fishing‚ playgrounds‚ picnic shelters and ball fields. “ Arnette even features an 18-hole disc golf course‚” Brady says. “There is also a .9-mile paved perimeter road that is ideal for walking and rollerblading. I see people utilizing that road all the time.” Lake Rim Park opened in May 2000‚ with 30 acres of walking trails‚ multipurpose sports fields‚ picnic shelters and an environmental trail. “ We offer kayaking and canoeing at Lake Rim‚ and the park is also equipped with what is called Wetlands Walk‚” Brady says. “It is an environmental trail that has signs to identify the vegetation that grows wild along the way. It has become one of the most popular aspects of the entire outdoor experience at Lake Rim Park‚ and just another of the special sites within the Cumberland County park system.”



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