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Manufacturing a Career at Hyster-Yale Group in Greenville, NC

Hyster-Yale Group offers opportunities for growth through multiple avenues

By Livability.com on December 8, 2019

Student tour at Hyster-Yale in Greenville

Hyster-Yale Group, with its American headquarters located in Greenville, NC, is changing the way it recruits and retains key talent from the inside out.

The globally integrated material handling manufacturing company, which has 26 manufacturing operations in 13 countries and employs more than 5,000 people, focuses on its customers’ needs when designing everything from their products to their recruiting strategies.

In a tight labor market, the company is focusing on continuously improving employee experiences, as it is one of the top employers in the area.

To combat the national shortage of qualified employees in the manufacturing industry, Hyster-Yale is also looking to the future, sponsoring programs that will build the next generation of talent by engaging with them early on – as early as middle school.

At Hyster-Yale, technology has made manufacturing less of the mundane job it was considered to be in the past.

With a shortage of technically skilled talent, the company is recruiting for skill sets like problem-solving and innovative thinking to push their business forward, attracting those who may not have thought of a career in manufacturing previously.

For example, the company is working with alternative fuels, and they offer a suite of power solutions to give customers the flexibility to match the most appropriate power solution for their application, including lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cells.

They also have invested in technologies like robotics and telematics, as that’s what customers are looking for, which has opened a wide range of opportunities for people who can install, build and analyze those technologies. Hyster-Yale also hires accountants, sales representatives, marketers and engineers at its eastern North Carolina headquarters.

Greenville / Hyster-Yale

For some of these roles, Hyster-Yale looks for people who have specific characteristics like troubleshooting and critical thinking skills. Maybe a person with these skills is currently working in retail, for example, but can be coached to succeed in a manufacturing role, such as robotic welding.

To find quality candidates, Hyster-Yale works with the eastern North Carolina community, attending career fairs, visiting colleges and even talking to some middle school students.

“We support local STEM programs bringing students into the manufacturing environment to explore different careers,†says Michael Gregory, vice president of human resources at Hyster-Yale Group. “It’s important to start there because many students make decisions in middle school about what they’re going to study in high school and beyond for their careers.â€

Once employees begin at Hyster-Yale, the opportunities can be endless. The company focuses heavily on professional development and promotes from within, even if the path doesn’t seem linear to the employee’s current position. It’s imperative that employees understand working at Hyster-Yale isn’t just a job opportunity, but an opportunity for a career.

“We want employees to own their own career path and have the tools to execute against that path, a path that can take them across locations or even countries,†Gregory says. “We’re continuously evaluating our benefits and opportunities to make sure we are providing those that are most meaningful to our employees.â€

Learn more at Hyster-Yale Group.

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