Coastal Carolina Community College Encourages Lifelong Learning

Computers, healthcare, industry training are among the course options.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 10:09

Do the math: Having a good education these day is vital, no matter what age you are.

That’s why Coastal Carolina Community College has a Continuing Education Division that offers a wide range of programs and services to adult students of all ages. The division’s overall mission is to provide courses to upgrade the skills of individuals at all levels of labor and management, and more than 15,000 people in Onslow County have used Continuing Education over the years to advance their careers and better their lives.

Services through the division include providing training for new jobs, guiding individuals in their preparation for licensure or certification status, and assisting anyone who is seeking to earn a high school equivalency diploma. Courses are conveniently presented on the Jacksonville campus as well as at various off campus sites throughout Onslow County, and also online. Areas of study range from computer training to business skills, health-related studies, technical courses, industry-related curriculums and more.

In addition, Coastal Carolina is one of the least expensive schools in the nation, and its success can often be traced to its outstanding pool of adjunct instructors – more than 400 strong. CCCC has more than 50 college transfer courses, and wireless Internet is available at any spot throughout the Jacksonville main campus.