Affordable Housing Beckons to Jacksonville, NC Buyers

Many military veterans are returning to this area.

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Jacksonville, NC
Courtesy of the city of Jacksonville

Building momentum? The housing market in Jacksonville continues to do so.

With an average home cost at a very reasonable $124,000, buying a house in Jacksonville is enticing and a major contributor to the overall quality of life here. There are many nice neighborhoods that give residents their own a sense of community, and the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean provides an incredible natural setting that is only minutes from anywhere in the community.

The local housing market welcomes several new residents each year, and it also beckons those newcomers with a broad and varied housing selection and property values that appreciate at 3 percent a year on average. Join that with the area’s mild climate‚ good schools‚ low crime rate, Onslow Memorial Hospital, Coastal Carolina Community College and a patriotic feel thanks to Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station, and Jacksonville attracts a good share of first-time buyers, young professionals and retirees.

In fact, many retirees are veterans of Camp Lejeune who moved away after discharge, then moved back to Jacksonville. These so-called boomerang residents may have gone away for years but never forgot the area and the beaches, and these days their livability options range from larger single-family residences to gated communities to higher density homes‚ which are especially popular with retirees because there is less yard maintenance.



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