Lenoir Memorial Hospital near Kinston, NC

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Lenoir Memorial Hospital in Kinston, NC
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Lenoir Memorial Hospital is all about the community it serves.

With 261 beds and a medical staff of more than 100 physicians, the nonprofit facility offers a long list of services and technology typically found in hospitals located in major cities. Yet, it maintains a “small-town quality” with personal touches and wellness programs that benefit all within Lenoir, Greene and Jones counties and nearby communities. 

Plenty of Services, Programs

Lenoir Memorial Hospital provides general medical, surgical, and obstetrical and gynecological care, as well as such specialized services as cardiology, pulmonology, oncology, radiology and urology. It has recently added thoracic and vascular surgery to its services.

In addition, Lenoir Memorial Hospital presents a wide range of free health and wellness programs, seminars and screenings. Its Minges Wellness Center is a medically based fitness facility that conducts 25 group exercise classes every week and includes 58 pieces of exercise equipment. Certified fitness instructors are on duty at all times.

One of the hospital’s most recent – and successful – community programs has been Lighten Up Lenoir, a free team-based weight-loss challenge launched in January 2012. In its first year, the program already had some 1,200 people and more than 40 businesses and organizations participating.

“It’s been wonderful,” says Constance Hengel, Lenoir Memorial’s director of community programming and development. “There has been real great support from the community. These days, individuals – as well as employers, churches and other organizations – are understanding the importance of good health.” 

Quick Click to Weight Loss 

Lighten Up Lenoir, a Web-based program that allows people to participate from their own home or work computer, has three 16-week sessions in the course of a year. However, anyone can join at any time, not necessarily at the beginning of a session.

Hengel says 80 percent of participants are part of a four-person team, but folks can join as individuals as well.

“It seems that when people are doing this with their buddies or co-workers or whatever, they’re more motivated,” she says. “There’s more long-term success and a better chance of sustaining the weight loss.”

And judging by some of the teams’ names, it appears “Lighten Up” means more than just shedding pounds.

“There are some wild, wacky names people are using for their teams,” Hengel says, pointing out Thighsman Trophy Wannabees, Three Broads and a Bozo, and Buncha Butta Butts as examples.

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