Grainger-Hill Performing Arts Center in Kinston, NC

Go for the show, stay for the architecture.

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Kinston, NC
Todd Bennett

Go for the show, stay for the architecture.

The Grainger-Hill Performing Arts Center is housed in one of the last remaining examples of Greek Classical Revival architecture in North Carolina, and is listed in the National Historic Register. The building, which is used as a theater, was constructed in 1925 as a three-story home for 900 students.

Now the building offers 1,131 seats and outstanding acoustics and has become one of the region's premier theatrical venues. The center hosts a variety of plays, musicals, concerts and art shows throughout the year. Oh, and it may host something else. There have been rumors circulating since the 1970s that the building is haunted.

Tickets for most shows can be obtained, by the living, from the Kinston Community Councial for the Arts. Call 252-527-2517 for details.

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