Kinston's Rotary Dog Park

Kinston's Rotary Dog Park features 32 acres of ponds, landscaping and gleefully bounding dogs

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Kinston, NC
Courtesy of Soapy Dog

Looking for a place to let your dog run free and socialize with more of his kind? You've come to the right place. Kinson'ts Rotary Dog Park is one of the best canine play areas in the region.

You couldn't tell from looking at its 32 acres of ponds, landscaping and gleefully bounding dogs, but Kinston's Rotary Dog Park was once a landfill. After exhaustive cleanup of the site, local Rotary Clubs and other volunteers have created a pup paradise.

Located along N.C. 11 South near Skinner’s Bypass, the leashless park includes large open areas and enough trees to keep a dog occupied for hours. For extended play dates, be sure to bring water and a dish.

Don't mind wet dog smell? Another of Kinston's outdoor spots for Spot is Tull's Mill Pond, where well-behaved dogs can swim and socialize with or without leashes.

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