Neuseway Nature Park in Kinston, NC

The Neuseway Nature Park is a popular place for educational and recreational activities in Kinston, NC.

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Neuseway Park and Nature Center
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Neuseway Nature Park is home to several attractions, including the Neuseway Planetarium, the Lenoir Memorial Hospital Health and Science Museum, and the Exchange Nature Center, as well as a nature park and campground.

The Neuseway Planetarium offers guests an engrossing three-dimensional tour of the universe’s majesty in its 24-foot-tall, dome-shaped facility. The Health & Science Museum contains 5,000 square feet of exhibits relating to the human body, including a giant Operation game, a replica mouth, stomach and intestinal system, and an underground tunnel designed to portray a human blood vessel.

The Exchange Nature Center encourages visitors to engage nature through several unique exhibits. These exhibits include a wildlife exhibit featuring mounted bears and turkeys as well as live snakes, turtles and birds; an underground cave exhibit where visitors can see creatures like iguanas, bearded dragons and crayfish; and a saltwater touch tank exhibit where visitors can touch coastal creatures like sea urchins and starfish.

The park’s campground and meeting facilities provide a place for visitors to stay overnight to enjoy the park’s serene environment. The campground has RV hookups and tent sites, and the meeting facility provides ample space and a full kitchen.

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