Lexington, NC

Known as the “Barbecue Capital of the World,” Lexington boasts a slew of restaurants serving up Western-style barbecue (vinegar-based sauce) and hosts an annual barbecue festival each year. Located in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, the city is adject to High Rock Lake and has played host to several fishing tournaments, including the Bassmasters Classic. 

Lexington Rankings

  • Spend any time looking for the best barbecue cities in America and there's no doubt you'll come across the usual suspects. Much has been written about the smoking, saucing and rubbing going on in places like Memphis, Austin, Chicago and Kansas City, but the search for the best 'cue is an endless one. So consider our list of barbecue cities as an addendum, or maybe it's just excuse to keep on eat'n.
  • What better thing to celebrate than food? We've crossed the country looking for great food festivals and think you'll like what we're serving up. So go on, dig in.

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