Wilkesboro, NC Top Employers

A summary of top employers in Wilkes County with approximate employee counts.

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 07:40
Lowe's in Wilkes County, NC

The Tyson Foods processing plant and several home building products manufacturers help form a strong business climate in Wilkes County. Here's a list of the county's top employers:

Tyson: 2,700

Lowe's: 2,200

Wilkes County Schools: 1,200

Wilkes Regional Medical Center: 848

Wilkes County: 430

Louisiana-Pacific Corp.: 360

Wilkes Community College: 252


ECMD Inc.: 179


Wal-Mart Stores: 156

Villages of Wilkes: 150

Westwood Hills Nursing & Rehab: 130

The Interflex Group: 103

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