Winston-Salem Restaurants Overview: Barbecue, Hot Dogs

Barbecue, hot dogs and Southern flavors anchor Winston-Salem's food scene.

On Monday, July 9, 2012 - 13:21

Winston-Salem’s culinary landscape is deeply rooted in tradition. All of the city’s food has Southern flair, from a breakfast sandwich to classic barbecue.

Breakfast of Course

Open since 2010, Breakfast of Course is one of Winston-Salem’s most popular restaurants for any time of day. The second generation of the Mary’s of Course, Breakfast of Course serves favorites from the original restaurant that grew too cramped for the city’s legions of devoted diners.

Known for its unique sandwiches, the apple butter baby combines scrambled eggs, smoked sausage and apple butter on toast. Herbivores also have plenty of options at Breakfast of Course; the menu is vegetarian friendly.

Little Richard’s Lexington BBQ

Little Richard’s Lexington BBQ brings famous North Carolina barbecue to Winston-Salem. The restaurant’s star dish is the smoked pork slathered with a secret sauce, created by owner Richard Berrier, that’s full of vinegar with a bit of tomato. Diners recommend washing the tangy meat down with some sweet tea.

Pulliams Barbecue

A local institution for more than a century, standing room-only Pulliams Barbecue is known for its toasted hot dogs. In fact, this famous frank was named one of the best hot dogs in the country by Reader’s Digest. Bright scarlet hot dogs are served on a buttery charred bun with mustard, chili and slaw. Diners prefer their dogs with a Cheerwine, a cherry-flavored soda made in North Carolina, and eaten outside.

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