Fargo, ND's Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo in Fargo, ND is home to over 300 animals including red pandas, timberwolves, and more.

Karen Schwartzman
On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 14:31
Fargo, ND

The Red River Zoo may be small in size, but the Fargo fixture has big pull when it comes to enticing an audience.

Sitting on 33 acres, the zoo holds 300 animals of 75 different species, including some of few red pandas in captivity in the world. While the zoo could feasibly be walked through in about 45 minutes, is worth a little extra time. The zoo specializes in rare and endangered species that guests may not expect to see, especially out in Fargo. These rare species include the endangered Bactrian camel and Sichuan Takin. Its most recent addition is a family of five timberwolves who were dedicated to the zoo at birth.

So what keeps this small zoo on par with the big ones? Simply put, its got charm. The grounds are beautiful and well-kept, the smaller herd sizes allow for a more intimate experience, and the attention to detail can't be beat. This isn't the zoo to find lions and tigers. Its North Dakota location requires that the animals adapt to a colder climate, but also ensures a variety of animals that may not be found in other zoos.


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