Discover the Fargo Air Museum in Fargo, ND

The primary mission at Fargo Air Museum in Fargo, ND is to educate, preserve and restore the history of aviation.

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Fargo Air Museum in Fargo, ND
Antony Boshier

The primary mission at Fargo Air Museum is to educate, preserve and restore.

The interesting attraction in the northern part of the city near Hector International Airport features many historic aircraft on display, most of which are still in flying condition. There is also a full-scale replica of a Wright Brothers flyer on display, and the museum also has a small gift shop.

Nearly 20 aircraft are parked at the museum, including a Goodyear Super Corsair that is one of only three currently in existence – and the only one that can still fly. Other planes are a North American Mustang, North America Texan, Grumman Avenger, Mitsubishi Zero Fighter, Boeing/Stearman PT-17, Cessna Bird Dog and a PT-19.

Fargo Air Museum also hosts a number of special events, including a Santa Fly-In on the three Saturdays prior to Christmas Day. Birthday parties can also be booked, with guided tours rom Junior Birdmen volunteers available on those days.

In addition, if anyone is interested in learning about how to build a model airplane or how to restore actual full-sized planes – or if you just want to hang around for some plane talk – feel free to visit Fargo Air Museum any Saturday at 1 p.m.

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