Space-Themed Eatery Feeds Appetite for Cosmic Culinary Adventure

Space Aliens Grill & Bar is a unique restaurant in Fargo, ND serving up food and fun with an outer space atmosphere.

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Space Aliens Grill & Bar in Fargo, ND
Jeff Adkins

Want a side of creativity with your cuisine? Space Aliens is the spot for you. Strap yourself in tight, because Space Aliens Grill & Bar is serving up food and fun that's out of this world.


The quest to find the quintessential cosmic cuisine began in 1994, when three men decided to add the element of the unknown to their budding restaurant business. After two and half years of exploring, Space Aliens was born in 1997. Just two years later, the Fargo location opened up to operate alongside the original Bismarck location. Today, three more franchises have joined the lineup.


The owners worked hard to create an other-worldly experience for their customers, starting with the perfect space-themed atmosphere. Each restaurant is capped off by a 30-foot domed ceiling displaying a view of outer space, and various alien sculptures are placed throughout the rooms and arcade.


The Galaxy Games Arcade features a range of games for all ages to enjoy, including the classics like ski ball and the chance to earn tickets for some Space Alien-specific prizes. Also available are the online Galaxy Games like Space Alien Invaders, which let people play whenever and wherever they want.


Of course, the food itself shouldn't be forgotten. The impressive menu features everything from  quesadillas and burritos to bar-b-que and burgers.


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