Wherever You Feel At Home, You'll Find It in Lincoln

Do you feel comfortable in grand historic homes? Lakeside subdivisions? Sleek modern lofts? Then you’ll feel right at home in Lincoln.

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Downtown Lofts
Kevin Young

Do you feel comfortable in grand historic homes? What about quiet lakeside subdivisions? Sleek modern lofts? You’ll feel right at home in Lincoln. The city is changing rapidly, reinventing its downtown to offer the walkable condo lifestyle, but life still courses through the traditional neighborhoods with nostalgic architecture and towering shade trees. The Antelope Park neighborhood, for example, is a dream for families. The community has its roots early in Lincoln’s history and neighbors pride themselves on a sense of heritage that only decades can forge. The neighborhood is home to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which boasts more than 300 animal varieties, many of which are threatened or endangered. Liberty Plaza and the Antelope Park Rose Garden are other gems of this comfortable neighborhood. For lovers of nature who want to maintain the convenience of city life, Capitol Beach Lake offers residents exclusive living alongside the private 340-acre lake. The views on the water are unmatched, and the grounds are teeming with wildlife, but downtown is less than a 10-minute drive away. For dwellers who’d rather hear the sounds of traffic than the sounds of nature, downtown Lincoln is getting all spruced up. The area has seen a spike in the demand for urban housing in recent years, and many historic buildings are being converted to condos and lofts. The Georgian Place Apartments, the Newspaper Union and the Haymarket Lofts are a few examples of the city’s push to blend elegant history with functional modernity. Many buildings have yet to be renovated, leaving the downtown neighborhood ripe for continued residential development. Wherever you live, you deserve to relax. The Country Club of Lincoln offers a tempting 18-hole golf course and a resplendent clubhouse. Whatever you’re looking for in a home, Lincoln has it. Welcome home.



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