Scottsbluff, NE: Business Overview

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Economic development is thriving in Scottsbluff thanks to the city’s focus on providing incentives for local businesses. Add to that a high quality of life and a low cost of living, and it’s easy to see why Scottsbluff is a great place to do business.

Business Climate

Agriculture continues to be the leading industry in Scottsbluff; however, the economy has diversified with finance, manufacturing, medical, retail, wholesale, education and tourism becoming a part of the business climate. Not only is the city a regional economic driver, but it is also the area’s center for health care and tourism.

Quality of Life

Scottsbluff's rural natural beauty that surrounds the city means that there is space to get outside and enjoy life. Air and water qualities are great, and residents have twice the country’s average of state park acreage for every 1,000 members of the population.


Scottsbluff’s transportation system includes a network of well-maintained roads and highways and two major railroads. The city’s regional airport, Western Nebraska Regional Airport, takes travelers to and from Denver, Co., as well at North Platte, Omaha and Lincoln, Neb. Traffic congestion is nonexistent in Scottsbluff, making getting around town a pleasure.

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