Scottsbluff, NE Don’t Miss Attraction: Scottsbluff National Monument

The Scottsbluff National Monument is a favorite historical attraction.

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Both a city and a county are named after Scotts Bluff National Monument, and its impressive 800-foot-high presence is sure to impress onlookers and remind them of Scottsbluff’s long and storied history.

The natural attraction, named after fur trader Hiram Scott, served as a navigation landmark on the Oregon Trail. The trail went through Mitchell Pass, a gap in the bluffs surrounded by two large cliffs. The route through the pass was very dangerous, but many travelers preferred it. Traversing Mitchell Pass was an important milestone for many wagon trains heading west.

Today, Scotts Bluff is a popular spot for outdoor activities. Several trails are open for hikers, and a ranger can guide those less intrepid. Covered wagons are by the Oregon Trail Pathway, and during the summer the living history program brings the pioneer days back to life.

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