3 Places To Get Scared in Lakes Region, NH

Three haunted places in Lakes Region, New Hampshire

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Catching a movie, registering to vote or spending the night can be scary experiences in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire -- since all three could involve entering haunted places.

Alton Town Hall in Alton, N.H., built in 1894, is a one-stop shop for government services ranging from applying for a marriage license to applying for a dog license, but more than government business goes on inside the brick building with the impressive clock tower. Witnesses report hearing footsteps and murmuring and tell stories about how furniture gets rearranged overnight and doors open and close with no one in sight.

Check into the 1875 Inn on Main Street in Tilton and you might get to meet the inn’s most infamous resident. Multiple guests report sightings of a young girl in various rooms and hallways throughout the historic structure. Known as Laura, the ghost reportedly died as a 12-year-old in a fire in the 19th century. The show “Ghost Hunters” and some paranormal organizations have investigated -- and validated -- the claims.

The Colonial Theater in Laconia may be closed but one movie buff refuses to leave. Witnesses report seeing a shadowy figure of a man walking through the theater and also tell tales of footsteps in dark areas and hearing voices all over over the building. Doors open and close and lights switch on and off. Visitors to the building say they get a strange feeling that they should leave as soon as possible...if possible.



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