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New Jersey Business

Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy helps the tax base (so there’s more money for city improvements) and helps a city attract and retain talent. The median household income in New Jersey is $72,093, and check out our data to give you an inside look at its key industries and job opportunities.

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    Top Employers in Hoboken, NJ

    Stevens Institute, Marsh USA, other private companies lead the way

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    Financial Services Firms Find New Jersey is Rich Location

    New Jersey has established a strong financial industry with a wealth of resources for businesses and residents.

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    New Jersey: Highly Educated, Perfectly Situated

    New Jersey's recipe for growth blends a set of powerful ingredients, including a highly educated workforce, major transportation and logistics advantages, a diverse and innovative industry mix, and a government that is committed to making it easier for businesses to do business in the state.

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    New Jersey: Hub for Communications, Information Technology Innovation

    Thanks to the influence of Thomas Edison, the legendary figure who began his inventing career in Newark, New Jersey is a haven for high-tech networks and cutting-edge activities that benefit workers, employers, communities and institutions.

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    New Jersey Moves Cargo to the World

    New Jersey's transportation, distribution and logistics infrastructure is second to none, serving some of the busiest cargo facilities in the world.

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    New Jersey Pharmaceuticals Industry Writes Prescription for Growth

    For 17 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, New Jersey is the perfect prescription for growth. Often called “the medicine chest of the world,” New Jersey leads the nation in both pharmaceuticals and biotechs, creating a $29.3 billion economic impact and attracting the industries’ top professionals. Household names with major operations in the state include Bayer HealthCare, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Merck.

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    New Jersey Powers Up Renewable Energy Industry

    NRG, a longtime fossil fuel company, is among a new vanguard of New Jersey companies — including power companies, solar startups, and tech and investment firms -- focusing on wind energy. 

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    New Jersey Crafts Manufacturing Resurgence

    New Jersey has made a big comeback in advanced manufacturing, thanks to innovative programs to retain and attract companies.

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    Top Employers in Princeton, NJ

    Princeton's top employers hail from such major sectors as the medical and pharmaceutical, financial, educational, and health-care industries.

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    Financial Services Firms Find Appeal in New Jersey Cost Structure

    More than 246,000 work in the financial services sector in the state, as a growing number of firms, including Prudential Financial Inc. and Goldman Sachs & Co. call New Jersey home. In addition, other financial service firms such as Citigroup Inc., UBS and Societe Generale have many of their back office operations in the state because of its competitive real estate and proximity to their operations in New York.