New Jersey Agency Touts Employment, Training

Employment and training – that’s what the New Jersey State Employment & Training Commission is all about.

Gary Wollenhaupt
On Friday, September 9, 2011 - 13:55

The New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission (SETC) is a major component in ensuring that New Jersey’s workers, students and those seeking employment meet the knowledge and skill needs of the present and future skill needs of employers. The commission’s ultimate goal is to have the workforce throughout the state trained to 21st-century global business standards, thereby further strengthening the economy of New Jersey. “The SETC serves as a think tank for developing new and innovative workforce policies,” says Dennis Bone, New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission chairman and the president of Verizon New Jersey. The commission often brings together leaders from government, business, labor and the public to brainstorm new policy initiatives for workforce readiness. From there, the SETC relays the top suggestions to New Jersey's governor and state professionals in the fields of employment, training and education.

They Have the Answers

The commission oversees workforce training in a variety of hot careers, including green jobs, health care, finance, IT, manufacturing, tourism, transportation and emerging technologies. The SETC also helps workforce trainees get answers to a variety of questions, such as: How can I find out what careers might be right for me? What are the high demand jobs? How can I get financial aid for college? I was working and lost my job. Now what? “The commission seeks to provide each citizen of New Jersey equal access to the learning opportunities needed to attain and maintain high levels of productivity and earning power,” Bone says. For more, visit the New Jersey State Economic and Training Commission website at


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