"Best Coffee in the West" in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM's coffee Piñon is considered to be the "Best Coffee in the West".

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If green chile is dear to the hearts and stomachs of all New Mexicans‚ then piñon is dear to their souls.

This small pine tree is the inspiration behind New Mexico Piñon Coffee‚ an Albuquerque-based company that has won numerous awards over the years. The company’s product line includes piñon (pine nut) coffee‚ green coffee beans‚ cocoa and teas.

The company’s awards include being a three-time National Roasting Award winner and a two-time winner for Best Coffee in the West by Travel West magazine. New Mexico Piñon Coffee was also named a Top 24 Gourmet Food Company by The New York Times and Gourmet Coffee of the Month by the National Gourmet Coffee Club.

It has also been the Best Selling Coffee at the New Mexico State Fair for seven years.

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