The University of New Mexico Offers a Diverse Educational Environment

Learning and discovery are central to the mission at the University of New Mexico

University of New Mexico
On Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 12:20
The University of New Mexico is a place where research, innovation and collaboration come together.

The University of New Mexico’s unparalleled educational opportunities open doors to more than just a world-class education. As the University for New Mexico, UNM has a mission to serve. And by teaching and advancing the brightest minds, UNM’s students, faculty and alumni – proud members of the Lobo pack – create opportunities for jobs, discovery, social growth and more. 

This isn’t just a university – UNM is a critical driver of economic and social prosperity for the state and region.

Proud To Be New Mexico’s Flagship University

As one of only 131 R1 “very high research” institutions in the nation – and the only one in New Mexico – UNM is proudly the state’s flagship university: A place where sharing knowledge and discovering “the next” alongside other leaders of educational and technological exploration is part of its institutional DNA.

In fact, UNM has three national laboratories within 100 miles of its 600-acre main campus in Albuquerque, N.M. This proximity allows university departments, programs and centers to collaborate on top-level research with some of the most cutting-edge institutions in the world. These partnerships and the experience they provide create countless opportunities for UNM’s students and researchers. From the classroom to the lab, students not only acquire knowledge, but have the freedom to create it. 

Likewise, many Lobos choose to shape the future at the Innovation Academy – a place where students harness ingenuity and venture into entrepreneurship. Through a partnership with the Rainforest Student Pitch Competition for business ideas, this unique program has generated 29 student startups.

The University of New Mexico is a place where research, innovation and collaboration come together.
University of New Mexico

A Top-Tier Research Institution

UNM’s technology transfer and economic development arm, STC.UNM, has spun off more than 130 startup companies, creating millions of dollars in labor income for local workers. These distinct programs unite students from around the globe with respected faculty to solve real problems through hands-on experiences.

Interdisciplinary cohesion is a charge met with vigor at The University of New Mexico. “Society’s biggest problems, humanity’s most challenging health issues, and our planet’s most difficult environmental threats are solved at the intersections of multiple disciplines,” says UNM’s President Garnett S. Stokes.

At UNM Health Sciences, scientists conduct groundbreaking biomedical research that has led to major breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s, brain trauma, cancer, diabetes and other diseases that will have life-changing significance around the world.

With nearly 1,100 full-time faculty and more than $185 million in research grants, UNM is educating future healthcare providers, treating patients from throughout the state and tackling global health concerns.  

The University of New Mexico is a place where research, innovation and collaboration come together.
University of New Mexico

Creating Opportunities for All Students

Other opportunities found at UNM are for the youngest learners and future leaders. Take, for example, a recent video chat between New Mexico schoolchildren and NASA astronaut Christina Koch – live from the International Space Station.

UNM biology professor David Hanson wanted to encourage students of all ages to explore the possibilities found in STEM-based education. By connecting NASA with UNM, he gave 500 young minds an out-of-this-world opportunity to talk to an astronaut in space.

“There is no end to how we can imagine ourselves, either as individuals or as a university, if we act deliberately to realize a positive and far-reaching impact,” says Stokes. “When we are united in purpose, and that purpose drives our actions, we can innovate, solve problems and create new and exciting opportunities.” 

From artists and adventurers to entrepreneurs and inventors, Lobos create a collaborative environment unlike any other. In this place of contrast, where cultures and perspectives and landscapes merge, some of the top minds in science, art, mathematics, medicine and so much more are making the impossible possible. Here, people ask daring questions and forge new paths, which open doors not only for them, but for so many others in our state, region and nation.

At UNM, Lobos don’t just find opportunity – they create it.

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