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Constructable Brings a Better Way To Build to New Mexico

Constructable works with a client from start to finish.

By Livability on November 18, 2022

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Constructable is a fast-growing general contractor in Roswell, New Mexico, that is taking construction to a whole new level. 

That’s because the firm has years of experience, knowledge of the local dynamics and the ability to turn construction projects around approximately 50% quicker than most companies. 

“I saw a huge deficit in the way customers interacted with the general contractor and the way that flowed downhill to subcontractors and suppliers,” says Jared Hellums, principal of Constructable. 

Traditionally, once a client comes up with an idea and purchases land, most construction projects lie in wait while the client hires an architect, works back and forth with him/her on the structure’s design, puts the project out for bid and then selects a contractor. 

Hellums launched Constructable in 2020 to cut out much of the middle ground. As a design/build general contractor, the company works with a client from start to finish, managing the design and construction process almost concurrently. 

Solar farm built by Constructable
Courtesy of Constructable

The company also prides itself on its ability to take on large and complex projects, ranging from renewable energy and aviation structures to oil refineries and medical centers. 

And as a third-generation southeastern New Mexico contractor, Hellums brings a vast knowledge of the state to every project and how to handle its unique construction challenges. 

“Constructable understands the time and labor constraints that most contractors don’t have — unless they’re from here — which drives up the cost and prolongs the project,” Hellums says. “So, having a good understanding of the environment allows us to deliver value and both time and money.”

Clients have raved about Constructable’s ability to quickly bring their ideas to life, as well as how senior-level management remains intimately involved throughout their project. 

“With us, we’re still small enough that, more than likely, I’m very involved and very available to all of our clientele,” Hellums concludes.

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