Santa Fe's Distinct Districts Create Neighborhood Diversity

Santa Fe is known for diversity, and nowhere is that truer than in its neighborhoods.

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Santa Fe is known for diversity, and nowhere is that truer than in its neighborhoods. The city is divided into an array of distinct districts, each with its own charm and personality. Northeast Santa Fe is enveloped in an almost tangible blanket of history.

Each of the neighborhoods has unmistakably evolved to suit modern residents, but the historic charm lingers on. Impressive walls surround homes in the Eastside neighborhood, and the landscape of the community is notable for its gardens. Beautifully renovated adobe homes line the streets of the Guadalupe Historic District, which sits just a short distance from downtown.

The northeast foothills communities such as Estancia Primera and Hyde Park Estates ascend into the mountains, featuring many newer homes and spectacular views. In northwest Santa Fe, rolling green luxury and urban community stand side by side. Las Campanas is a golf course community, featuring two courses designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The community is brimming with amenities, including tennis and an equestrian center, and homes start at around $1 million. Golf is a popular pastime in Santa Fe, with many public and private courses sprawling through the city. Northwest Santa Fe’s other prominent neighborhood is Aldea, a development of homes based on a Spanish Colonial town clustered about a commercial town center.

With the exceptions of South Capitol near downtown and the planned community El Dorado, most of the neighborhoods of southeast Santa Fe embrace wide-open space and big sky. Homes generally sit on five acres or so, and even El Dorado, with its mini markets and cineplex, boasts generous lots of one to two acres. The Arroyo Hondo and Wilderness Gate neighborhoods offer ample opportunities to hike and the Thornton Ranch, near the Galisteo and Lamy villages, is home to more than 2,000 horses. The two most notable neighborhoods in the museum-rich southwestern Santa Fe are Casa Alerge, a 1950s community convenient to many amenities, and Rancho Viejo, a collection of villages that reflect New Mexico’s cultural heritage. Because they are so diverse, you’re bound to feel at home in one of Santa Fe’s neighborhoods.



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