Santa Fe's Famous Festival

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Street Performer in Santa Fe
Kevin Young


Tired of festivals? Try a fiesta! Santa Fe's Fiestas de Santa Fe has been running every autumn for 298 years to honor Don Diego de Vargas, a former governor of New Mexico, and his reoccupation of Santa Fe in 1692. The three-day event is proceeded by a week of pre-Fiesta activities, and the Fiesta officially begins with the de Vargas Mass. That evening the burning of the Zozobra, also known as "Old Man Gloom" takes place, and it is said that with him “go the feelings of gloom and doom from the past year.” The next two days are filled with unique events and shows like La Merienda de la Fiesta, a historical fashion show, and the Desfile de Los Ninos, a children's pet parade.





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