Something for Everyone at the University of New Mexico

A City within a City

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We are a community of unique perspectives embracing our differences. We are a culture of contrast rather than a contrast of cultures, unafraid to let our colors run and blend and let the very things that divide us become the things THAT connect us to each other. So we can create, collect and spread knowledge—about everything from nuclear engineering and fine art to enzymatic fuel cells, revolutionary medicine and forensic accounting. What makes us different makes us strong—and a force to be reckoned with.

225+ Degrees Available

  • 98 baccalaureate programs
  • 84 master’s programs
  • 41 doctoral programs
  • 5 professional practice doctoral programs

Seven Top 20 Ranked Programs & Colleges Nationwide
according to U.S. News & World Report

Together We are Lobos

Our teams aren’t just ours, they’re New Mexico’s. When it comes to sports, all eyes are on us. Every game is a big game. Exciting.

And competitive. Because we take our job seriously. We play our hearts out. And give people reasons to howl and lose their voices and their minds, year in and year out.

Caring for All of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is New Mexico’s only academic health center and offers more than 40 academic healthcare programs.

At the UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC), our scientists conduct groundbreaking biomedical research that has led to major breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s, brain trauma, cancer, diabetes and other diseases that will have life-changing significance around the world.

With nearly 1,100 full-time faculty and $203 million in research grants, UNM HSC is educating future healthcare providers, treating local patients and tackling global issues. The healing that starts here spreads out with every graduate from the HSC and its school and colleges.

UNM Hospitals include New Mexico’s only Level 1 Trauma Center, only burn center, most advanced stroke center and only dedicated Children’s Hospital:

  • Carrie Tingley Hospital
  • UNM Adult Psychiatric Center
  • UNM Children’s Hospital
  • UNM Children’s Psychiatric Hospital
  • UNM Main Hospital
  • UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center – The only Comprehensive Cancer Center in the State of New Mexico

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center is a teaching hospital with an emphasis on providing improved access for Native Americans.



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