Agriculture in Johnstown, NY

Agriculture in Johnstown, NY has been going strong since 1838 with the many farms and produce products in the area.

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The Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market near Johnstown, NY
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Agriculture is second nature in Fulton County, dating back to when the county was formally settled in 1838. The industry continues to be a huge part of the Fulton County economy in 2012.

In fact, agriculture and agritourism allow residents ample opportunities to enjoy the fruits of local labor by purchasing food grown here in the fertile natural surroundings, and often times residents can also learn more about food production at the source. One such place is Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, a store that provides access to local foods and natural products at fair value.

One of the main missions of Mohawk Harvest is to support the sustainability of the local economy and operate for the benefit of the community. It is located in downtown Gloversville because the ownership believes in the downtown district, and a one-time membership fee of $150 at Mohawk Harvest allows customers to order bulk items as well as take advantage of special member discount days.

8,500 Maple Trees

Another interesting agritourism destination in Fulton County is Peaceful Valley Maple Farm, which produces fresh maple syrup tapped from 8,500 trees that are located within Fulton and Montgomery counties. The business is located on LaGrange Road in the town of Johnstown.

“I’ve been making syrup for more than 20 years and have vastly expanded this business over the last five years,” says Steve Savage, owner of Peaceful Valley Maple Farm. “I built a new sugar house in 2005 and then added a restaurant in 2007 that is doing well. We serve a ton of pancake breakfasts during the fall and spring syrup seasons.”

Savage says he has established many wholesale and retail accounts for Peaceful Valley syrup and is planning to increase his Internet sales in the near future.

“This is a good tourism community because of all the lakes that this area has to offer, and agritourism opportunities are making Fulton County even more popular,” he says.

Blueberries and Wine

Other agritourism spots include Timberlane Blueberry Farm in Caroga that is open until early September or until the blueberries run out, and Rogers Family Orchards in Johnstown where customers pick apples and have access to cider and other farm products. Also in Fulton County is Eagle Mills Cider Mill & Family Fun Park in Broadalbin, which has a bakery and fudge shop, ice cream mill, gemstone mining, dino dig, express train and a petting goat junction.

Meanwhile, Fultonville is home to Hummingbird Hills Winery, a family-owned business where the wine is produced with minimal preservatives. Their product line includes elderberry, seyval blanc, a Hummingbird apple blend and a Hound Dawg red.

In addition, there are individual farmers markets in Gloversville, Johnstown and Northville that each operate from May to October.

“Fulton County is beautiful in the spring, summer, fall and winter, and agriculture makes it even more special,” Savage says. “Agriculture and agritourism remain vital around here, as it always has been.”

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