Syracuse, NY Neighborhood Overview

Kelsey Robertson
On Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 12:07


Downtown is the business epicenter of Syracuse. Here you can find Armory Square, Hanover Square, as well as many historic sites and parks. Residents in downtown live in studio-sized apartment complexes or townhomes.

Lakefront backs up to the inner harbor and also includes the Carousel Center, in addition to the recently developed Creekwalk. This neighborhood is divided up into two residential areas: Maciejowa is tight-knit community of residents who work in the area, and Franklin Square, a former commercial district, offers condominiums and retirement living.

Districts and Neighborhoods

In the Northside neighborhood you can find a neat residential area with a renovating business district. Washington Square, Hawley/Green, Court-Woodlawn, Sedgwick, Lincoln Hill, and Little Italy all comprise the area.

A family-friendly residential area made up of early 20th-century bungalow homes, Eastwood has the major public schools with a thriving business district on James Street. Here you can also find the famous Palace Theater, as well as winter ski trails and golf courses.

Eastside is the largest and the most diverse area of Syracuse, home to Syracuse University and a large selection of hospitals. The Westcott neighborhood is the heart of this area and provides an annual festival, the Westcott Street Cultural Fair.

The Southside is a family-oriented natural area with excellent youth programs and large parks. Southwest, Brighton, Strathmore and Elmwood neighborhoods support the area.

The Westside area of Syracuse includes the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, golf courses and other activities.

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