Akron, OH Offers Attractive, Affordable Real Estate

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 06:30
Greater Akron enjoys a cost of living well below the national average. The average home is around $120,000 to $150,000 in most areas around Akron, although the upper scale easily crosses the $1 million threshold, giving the region a range of housing options to suit any lifestyle.  Younger Crowd Akron's University Park is home to primarily younger residents, with over 90% of its population under the age of 45. The urban neighborhood hosts a diverse population, many of which attend the nearby University of Akron. Highland Square is one of Akron's more eclectic neighborhoods, featuring a large number of multi-level apartment complexes. Its West Market Street is a popular strip, home to a variety of restaurants and specialty shops.   Another commercial area in Akron is Chapel Hill. The neighborhoods main commercial district is north of Tallmadge Avenue, while the residential side of the area springs up south of Tallmadge Ave. The neighborhood is one of the smaller residential areas in the city, but its location next to major retailers and the Chapel Hill Mall make it a desirable location.   For the Family The relatively small Fairlawn Heights in Northwest Akron is the area's wealthiest neighborhood. The country setting features mostly elegant homes on large lots of land designed for single families. The lovely Firestone Park neighborhood revolves around the actual Firestone Park, a public park surrounded by churches, a school, community center, library and business district. Due to it small-community feel and large number of amenities, Firestone Park has become one of Akron's most family-friendly areas.