Cincinnati, OH Business Overview

Almost 25 Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies call Cincinnati home.

On Friday, November 16, 2012 - 17:04

Cincinnati has a very diverse economy. Almost 25 Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies call the city home, and a wide variety of industries make up the area’s business climate. Manufacturing is an important part of Cincinnati’s economy, and everything from light vehicle production to basic and specialty chemicals are made in the city. Some of the Cincinnati's biggest businesses include automotives, aerospace and financial services.


More than two million people live in the city’s metropolitan area, making it Ohio’s most populous metropolitan statistical area. Thanks to Cincinnati’s many colleges and universities, the area’s employee pool is highly educated and diverse.


About 30 prime metropolitan markets are within 600 miles of Cincinnati, enabling the city to stay connected on both a national and global scale.

Cincinnati is also a port city, and it is an important portal for shipping and receiving. The port's largest commodities to take in and ship out are coal and crude materials that aren’t edible or fuel.

Business Climate

Cincinnati’s business climate is optimistic when it comes to growth. It has been predicted that more than 100,000 new jobs will be created in many sectors of the economy throughout the next few years.

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