Newark/Licking County Real Estate Options

On Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 23:56
Multiple styles of homes, coupled with great schools, low cost of living and many other amenities, are keeping real estate agents somewhat busy throughout Licking County.
Newark Most of the county's home sales are in Newark and Heath. “They are nice communities and are increasingly destination points for a lot of families because of their schools,” says Mark Evans with the Licking County Board of Realtors. “Those communities have gotten very good at promoting their assets, so we think they’ll continue to draw in people.” Condominium sales continue to do well here, and as redevelopment efforts open up more urban-living options in downtown Newark, Evans says that sector of the market should grow as well.  “We are seeing a lot of renovations and demolitions to upgrade some urban neighborhoods, and that will bring a lot of people back near downtown,” he says. “Some of these renovations are becoming the best homes in the neighborhood.”
Surrounding Cities The city of Granville’s New England-style cottages continue to be snapped up, while new developments throughout the county and large, older properties in Buckeye Lake also hold a lot of appeal. Then there are communities like Pataskala, Utica and Johnstown, which offer some of the state’s best schools as well as plenty of starter and larger homes for families of all sizes.  “We have normal municipalities and also some specialty markets, all of which are popular,” says Evans. “We have a large influx of people from the Columbus market who live in and around Granville, and we also are seeing growth in other parts of the county as well.”
Variety Is the Spice The sheer variety of homes, whether in terms of size, style of architecture, type of housing development or plot size, offers plenty of choices for residents looking to make a change as well as newcomers. A prime example is the Buckeye Lake area, which has taken off as old lakefront property has been rehabbed while plenty of new, upscale development recently has been built on the water.  “It’s the best of both worlds out there now,” Evans says. “And there’s quite a bit of new entertainment out on the lake, restaurants and other things, so it’s going to continue to be very popular. That area has always been a destination, and now there’s much more to choose from for those who want to have a summer home or to live there year round.”
Nice Homes for $130,000 In 2010, a three-bedroom, two-bath, two-story home with around 1,800 square feet in Licking County was selling for around $130,000, Evans says, and the county’s prices and property values have held steady even while the rest of the state – and entire country – has been experiencing ups and downs.  “We have been pretty solid everywhere in the county, and we have the good school systems, the other quality-of-life things that keep people coming in, so we’re looking to see home sales go up in the coming months,” he says. “We have a lot of positives going for us here.”