Oh-Penn Hospitals Enhance Technology, Treatment and Facilities

Oh-Penn Region hospitals are providing innovative and award-winning patient care to area residents.

John Fuller
On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 05:00

High-quality patient care is a given in the Oh-Penn Region, which encompasses Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio, and Lawrence and Mercer counties in Pennsylvania. With 17 licensed hospitals in the five-county region, patients have access to state-of-the-art facilities, specialty physicians and the latest technologies through health-care systems that are continually enhancing their services.

East Liverpool City Hospital is just one example. The hospital recently introduced new orthopedic services, as well as a 15-bed pediatric unit that will be operated by Akron Children's Hospital.

Another example is the $100 million expansion of the St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, part of the Humility of Mary Health Partners network. The hospital is adding 122 patient beds, four surgical sites and maternity care.

"We are adding rooms at SEBHC because the suburbs are where the population is growing in Mahoning County," says Genie Aubel, president of St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center.

Renovations and Upgrades

Humility of Mary Health Partners is also investing $70 million to renovate its St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, where it is preparing the area's only tertiary care hospital, Level I Trauma Center and major teaching hospital to meet the next 25 years of community needs. All of Humility of Mary Health Partners' facilities have been named among the top performing hospitals by U.S. News and World Report.

In Pennsylvania, UPMC Horizon's Greenville and Shenango Valley campuses, both recognized for excellence by the Joint Commission, have upgraded their medical imaging equipment. A renovated mammography suite is now available at the Greenville campus, and a new wide-bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit provides imaging services at the Shenango Valley campus.

The health provider has found innovative uses for its electronic medical records, says Don Owrey, president of UPMC Horizon. The hospital will soon make every part of a patient's records, including physician's records, available so health care can become proactive rather than reactive.

"As a large system we can gather all the data and target those with specific conditions so we can be creative and manage them proactively as opposed to after they hit the hospital," Owrey says. "This is the same technology that exists at larger academic cancer programs. Patients here don't have to leave the local market to receive this treatment. They can get it here."

Jameson Hospital in New Castle is also expanding its offerings with new $20 million emergency and surgical departments.

"It's a whole new 55,000-square-foot wing," says Lisa Lombardo, director of public relations for Jameson. "It's a new three-story building with the emergency department on the ground floor, and the first level is the surgical department."

The new wing includes operating rooms, same-day surgery services, and a waiting and recovery area. "It's a dream 10 years in the making," Lombardo says. The hospital also offers a new OB-GYN clinic and technology to boost patient safety.

Accolades and awards

Other hospitals in the region also exhibit a record of excellence. In Ohio, Trumbull Memorial Hospital was one of 14 hospitals in the state to receive the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for its knee and hip joint replacement services.

Sharon Regional Health System in Pennsylvania has also received endorsements for its patient care. It incorporated a new emergency room model in 2011 called Physicians First, which requires all patients see a physician as soon as they enter the emergency room. The physician can start any diagnostic processes while the patient then goes through the typical registration process.

"We were recognized for operational excellence in the ER for that model," says Ed Newmeyer, director of marketing and community relations at Sharon Regional Health System.

These innovations and enhancements represent just a small sample of what hospitals throughout the area are doing to provide cutting-edge health-care services to residents in the Oh-Penn Region.


John Fuller has a long career in the communications business.