Success Starts Here: Northeastern State University Broken Arrow

Northeastern State University Broken Arrow helps students fulfill their dreams.

Sarah Kuta
On Monday, March 29, 2021 - 16:58
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At age 24, Andrea Tucker found herself newly divorced and raising four young children by herself in Broken Arrow. 

She already had an associate degree but wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree to better support her family. 

While working full time, Tucker took evening classes in business administration and leadership at Northeastern State University Broken Arrow. It was hard work, but Tucker completed her degree, thanks largely to the supportive staff and faculty members on campus. 

“It felt like their No. 1 vision, motivation and goal was to watch me succeed, to help me get to a point where I wanted to be,” she says. 

Since graduating from NSU Broken Arrow 15 years ago, Tucker and her family have thrived. Today, she holds an MBA and is the assistant vice president and managing partner of a Merrill Lynch financial advisory practice in Tulsa. 

“Without NSU, without building those connections, without finding my voice and my place on earth, this never would’ve been possible,” she adds. 

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Peter Henshaw

Tucker’s success story is common at NSU Broken Arrow, which serves students from all walks of life. The university has some of the lowest tuition and fees in the state, as well as generous financial aid opportunities and flexible class schedules, which makes earning a college degree more accessible. 

“Education is the key to moving into a better situation economically,” says Roy Wood, dean of NSU Broken Arrow. “We’re giving people here in northeastern Oklahoma the opportunity to do that with low tuition, convenient class times and a high-quality faculty and curriculum.” 

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Peter Henshaw

The campus serves more than 3,500 juniors, seniors and graduate students in a wide range of programs that lead to jobs in stable, well-paying industries. Undergraduate students can choose from more than 30 degrees in fields like accounting, finance, marketing, criminal justice and supply chain management. The university also offers 18 graduate degrees ranging from special education to criminal justice. 

No matter which course of study they choose, students at NSU Broken Arrow undergo intensive, hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for the real world. In addition to its 67 spacious classrooms, the campus has 12 science labs and eight computer labs where students can put theory into practice. 

“It felt like their No.1 vision, motivation and goal was to watch me succeed, to help me get to a point where I wanted to be.” 

Andrea Tucker

NSU Broken Arrow makes it easy for community college students to transfer and complete their bachelor’s degree without losing any college credits. The campus also partners with Broken Arrow Public Schools so that high school juniors and seniors can attend college classes during the school day, which helps them earn a degree more quickly and affordably. 

“NSU is a great community partner in Broken Arrow,” says Craig Thurmond, Broken Arrow’s mayor. “NSU Broken Arrow’s great tuition rates, numerous degree options and flexible class schedules have helped hundreds of people in the city reach their educational goals.” 


Sarah Kuta is an award-winning Colorado writer and editor. She regularly writes about travel, nature, education, personal finance and other topics.