Stillwater, OK Offers an Extreme Staycation

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 14:18

You may not expect a little town in Oklahoma to be labeled extreme, but Stillwater, OK, is full of surprises – even for those who have lived there for years. Surprise number one is Area 51 Motocross Park, a 60-acre park located in Stillwater and devoted to racing. Due to its success, multiple retailers have opened in the area to cater to the sport lovers, making Stillwater a top motocross destination spot.

Those that would rather the outdoors without the risk can try a tour at Woodland Park Vineyards. With its wine, it offers walking trails through woodlands and an impressive art gallery for browsing. And as the home of Garth Brooks, you can count on some country music to end a night in Stillwater. Venues include Tumbleweeds Dance Hall and Concert Arena and Willie's Saloon.

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