Stillwater, OK Restaurants Serve Delicious, Diverse Foods

From the world-renowned Eskimo Joe’s, where the cheese fries make president swoon, over to the international cuisine downtown, Stillwater, OK’s eateries are as noteworthy for their variety as their excellent offerings.

Joe Morris
On Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 11:17

The food choices in a college town often are limited to burgers with or without cheese, but that’s not the case in Stillwater by a long shot.


Hungry Oklahoma State University students and Stillwater residents alike take care of their pizza cravings at The Hideaway, which has been around since 1957, and Mazzio’s, a newer entry on the pie scene. The Hideaway is famous for its stone hearth-baked pizzas, including The Pizza of the Gods, a veggie pie made with an olive oil- and garlic-infused sauce and then topped with artichokes and mushrooms. How good is it? On game days the ovens are blasting out as many as 2,000 to be wolfed down by Cowboys fans.


Not too far away, Eskimo Joe’s can claim a loftier clientele – a former president of the United States. George H.W. Bush stopped in after delivering OSU’s commencement speech in 1990. The self-described Jumpin’ Little Juke Joint has been around since 1975, when founders Steve Clark and Stan File set up shop. The two-story landmark offers a full Americana menu, including its legendary, fresh-cut cheese fries (endorsed by the former president), but has become equally well known for its logo, featuring Eskimo Joe himself, along with canine pal Buffy. The food and live music bring in plenty of business year-round, but for a true experience visit during July during the weeklong anniversary celebration.


Not up for a burger? Then hit Coney Island, which has been supplying comfort in hot-dog form for more than 40 years on The Strip. And if a dog won’t do, grab an onion burger and some cheese tots there instead; you won’t be sorry!


For a little different nosh, a short drive out of town rewards those who make the journey with Woodland Park Vineyards, a 66-acre farm where visitors can pick up locally made wines, dine in the farm’s restaurant as well as shop for art and antiques.


Obviously there’s plenty to choose from during daylight hours, but Stillwater’s night owls rarely have grumbling stomachs thanks to Shortcakes, a major one-stop shop for those wishing to carbo-load after an evening on the town or grab some java before an all-night study session – and to do so on a budget.


There are plenty of other dining experiences to be had in and around Stillwater, most notably downtown, and not only American cuisine but from cultures around the world. It’s obvious after visiting any restaurant here that it’s all about originality, an approach that has allowed a thriving dining scene to expand in size and scope for decades.


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Joe Morris is a Nashville-based writer and editor.