Health Care in Stillwater, OK

On Friday, April 29, 2011 - 07:21

When a group of nuns opened what would become Stillwater Medical Center in 1939, the goal was simple: Provide the best-quality health care possible, right here at home. And while the current multimillion-dollar, 119-bed facility is a far cry from that original two-story, wooden building, the mission hasn’t changed.

The hospital’s evolution has kept up with changes in health care over the decades, unveiling new services and technologies as they become available. While the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood have long since turned the facility’s operation over to the city, their sense of community support has remained.

The hospital’s current offerings include interventional cardiology service, which allow for various angioplasty and stent surgeries to be done on site, as well as expanded services throughout the cardiac-care unit. There’s also Women First, a new clinic offering digital mammography and other services to the region’s women that’s operated by the hospital and the Stillwater Women’s Clinic.

The hospital values good, old-fashioned TLC as much as the newest surgical techniques, so it has instituted Room Service, a popular program that allows patients to call the cafeteria and order the meal of their choice — with delivery in 20 minutes.

SMC’s dedication to providing the best and most comprehensive services to Stillwater hasn’t gone unnoticed. Awards in the trophy case include the Oklahoma Quality Award, two Top 100 Performance Improvement Leader awards and the Cleverly 5-Star Hospital Award.

Perhaps even more striking than what it’s accomplished within its walls is what the hospital has been able to do for the community at large. SMC’s Eat Right for Life program has successfully brought nutrition programs to the area’s schoolchildren, while its drive-through flu shot program provides a fast, convenient way for residents to take proactive action every winter. As many as 6,000 residents, or more than 10 percent of the city’s population, usually avail themselves of the opportunity.

There’s fun mixed in with the fitness as well, including such annual events as the Juke Joint Jog, a 5K race and 1-mile fun run that benefits the Stillwater Area United Way. The hospital partners with legendary local eatery Eskimo Joe’s for the event, which is one of the agency’s biggest annual fundraisers.

Next up for the hospital is a series of expansions and renovations to its physical structure. And with 53 acres of prime land in its backyard, there’s plenty of room for growth as the facility works to meet all of Stillwater’s medical needs both now and in the future.

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