Public, Private, and College Education in Stillwater, OK

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 14:18

Education’s big business in Stillwater, where students at Stillwater High School are able to tap into the many offerings at nearby Oklahoma State University and Northern Oklahoma College, while the Meridian Technology Center keeps the area’s workforce well trained and up to speed with in-demand skill sets.

Stillwater Public Schools

While Stillwater is well known as a college town, the schools of higher learning get a direct supply of well-prepared freshmen every year, thanks to the Stillwater Public Schools system. Students in the district have a reputation for leading the state with ACT and SAT scores, and their hard work is rewarded with phenomenal community support. The district will receive $61.5 million over the next few years to promote excellence in education with modern, state-of-the-art facilities. New buildings are in the works to replace Highland Park and Will Rogers, and renovations are slated for eight other schools. The money also will help purchase new technology, textbooks, band and orchestra instruments, equipment and complete other improvement projects.

Oklahoma State University

Many of those well-rounded students find their way across town to Oklahoma State University, which draws heavily from the local community but also has students from around the state, nation and more than 100 different countries. The university works to plug into the local school system in Stillwater and surrounding counties, creating a synergy that’s the envy of many other college towns. OSU’s Center for Innovation and Economic Development ensures that local entrepreneurs and small business owners aren’t left out either, letting those individuals tap into the university’s many services as needed.

Northern Oklahoma College

The view from Northern Oklahoma College is a long one, given that it was founded in 1901 — six years before the territory became a state. It continues to live up to its nickname, Little Harvard on the Plains, with its many degree and certificate programs as well as the Gateway Program, a collaboration between NOC and OSU that allows students who want to go to college but aren’t quite there academically to attend classes at NOC-Stillwater to begin earning college credit and boost their overall readiness.

Meridian Technology Center

More options are on tap at the Meridian Technology Center, which offers 34 programs, classes and seminars for specific careers that include construction, information technology and health sciences. The facility also offers individual courses for local businesses and industries. 

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