Stillwater, OK Recreation Includes Fishing, Motocross, Golf, Parks, More

Stillwater, OK’s vibrant outdoor recreation scene includes boating, fishing, motocross racing, golfing and more, not to mention the multiple indoor activities provided for senior citizens and kids.

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Cycling near Lake McMurtry in Stillwater, OK
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From boating to riding dirt bikes, there is plenty of full-throttle fun to be had in Stillwater. The vibrant recreation scene includes fishing, motocross racing, golfing and activities especially for seniors.

Lakes and Water Recreation

Stillwater may not be widely known as a fisherman’s paradise, but don’t count on local anglers to get the word out — they want to keep a good thing to themselves. 

Boomer, McMurtry and Carl Blackwell lakes draw fishermen as well as boaters and skiers throughout the year, and there are plenty of trails and picnic spots to occupy those who want to stay on shore. There’s camping, too, and plenty of people routinely make a long weekend of it. Plan on hitting the special events, such as the city-sponsored Boomer Blast! fireworks show on July 4, a Stillwater tradition.


If you’d rather get your exercise on the fairway, then look no further than Karsten Creek Golf Club, which opened in 1994 and is used by Oklahoma State University’s golf teams. Karsten Creek also hosts such major events as NCAA championships and the Ping Invitational. And if they are all booked up, the Lakeside Golf Course and Stillwater Country Club also offer excellent opportunities to tee up.

Dirt Bikes and Motocross

There are opportunities here to get down and dirty … as in dirt-bike dirty. “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, one of the country’s best-known freestyle motocross riders, calls Stillwater home, and often says that Stillwater has some of the best riding in the country. That praise would have to include Area 51 Motocross Park, found where Highway 51 and Interstate 35 intersect, as well as Cooperland Raceway and Stillwater Motorcycle Park, all of which provide family-friendly atmospheres for both motorbike and four-wheel ATV riding. The sport’s growing popularity has led to the opening of shops such as Yamaha of Stillwater and AIS Extreme Sports, which make sure that every rider’s properly suited up.

Senior Activities

A little less strenuous, but every bit as engaging, are the activities at the Stillwater Senior Citizen Activity Center, which has been around for more than 30 years and has everything from ceramics classes to a Wii gaming system that gets plenty of use. Other big draws include the Ladies Billiards Morning, bridge tournaments and the Sit ‘n’ Be Fit low-impact aerobics classes.

Parks System and OSU Offerings

Younger residents get a workout thanks to the offerings of the Stillwater Parks, Events & Recreation Department, as well as Pistol Pete’s Pursuit, a self-guided scavenger hunt on the OSU campus.

And speaking of campus, they also play a little football around these parts. Armchair athletes have donned their orange and black and  made their way over to OSU’s Boone Pickens Stadium, on fall Saturdays to cheer on the Cowboys since 1920. The Big 12 Conference team has upwards of 50 titles, and the stadium has grown over the years to now hold around 60,000 fans on game day.

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